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imgThis article describes step-by-step how I have replaced the intake manifold gasket on my own Chevy Suburban K1500 with the 5.7L (350) Vortec engine (1997). The same repair procedure may work with other models, especially with other Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac vehicles in the same or similar engine class.

Please note that I am not a car mechanic. I am just a regular guy, who before this repair didn't have the slightest idea what an intake manifold gasket was. Everything I know today is the result of my own internet research and from my interactions with various automotive forums inside the amazing internet community:

This article is not about explaining what the intake manifold gasket is, or how it works. Honestly, I don't know much about that.. Instead, I will tell you how I have identified the intake manifold gasket leak on my own vehicle, and how I fixed it. The Internet is full of car repair 'experts' and I do not claim to be one of them. Because having done this repair at home saved me a LOT of money, and because I feel that some of you out there may have the same problems finding the right info about this repair when it is needed the most, I decided to share my experience with you.

Since the only part really needed for this repair is a new gasket set (I used the Fel-Pro MS98000T PermaDryPlus set from RockAuto.com), the minimum cost for this repair could be as low as $50. The remainder of the money a repair shop would charge you would be mainly for labor.

I hope that you will find this information useful and that you will bookmark it and share it with others in need. If you have a minute, you may also want to read this disclaimer.


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